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Since 2010, Bionatic supplies caterers, food service providers and private households with sustainable packaging solutions made of renewable and recycled resources.


Company information


Bionatic was founded by Robert Czichos. Prior to the foundation, he had worked as a consultant and dealt with the disposal and recycling of plastics within the context of a market research. Especially the problem of plastic export to third world countries lead to his personal interest in sustainable produced bioplastics and the idea to offer environmentally friendly packaging for food and food service.

The increasing environmental problems of petroleum-based plastics (pollution of land and sea areas, global warming) and the simultaneous increase in customer demand for convenience products, result in the emerging question of more environmentally friendly, sustainable alternatives in many countries. Despite the objective of a general consumption waste avoidance, the reality of life requires a safe transport and protection of affordable food that is produced, distributed and consumed at different locations.

Extensive product range made from:

Biobased plastics

Biobased plastics
like PLA, made of sustainable resources

Palm leaf

Fibers of waste & residual products
like sugarcane (bagasse) and palm leaf


Cardboard & paper
from sustainable forestry or made of recycled materials

Recycled plastics

Recycled plastics
like rPET, an alternative to bioplastics


Wood & Bamboo
fast renewable plant species

After a preparation phase of approximately one year, the company Bionatic was founded in 2009. In the beginning of 2010, the first products were placed in an online shop called “greenbox”. “Greenbox” established a product range of about 250 different packaging solutions that are made of renewable or recycled resources. To this day, the product range has grown up to over 450 products. Within the last years, Bionatic was able to inspire a multitude of customers and trade partners from Germany and the neighboring European countries for sustainable products.

Today, Bionatic occupies about 30 employees in its own office in Bremen. Over the past few years, the company and its local family-owned partner business were able to promote the creation of 50 secure and fair paid jobs in India. 

Sustainable actions



We set great value on using the greatest possible amount of renewable and recycled resources for our packaging.


Bionatic has a direct and fair cooperation with suppliers from all over the world. We assure ourselves of their social working conditions and support local family manufacturing businesses.


We engage in projects concerning the development of renewable bioplastics. We care about the environment, deal responsibly with our resources and obtain green electricity from Naturstrom.

Environmental protection is an opportunity, not a burden we must bear.

– Helmut Sihler –


Online shops


B2B Shop for wholesalers with large quantities and grosss prices

kauf dich grün
B2C Shop with small quantities for private use and small businesses (in German)

Die Becherdrucker
Bio cups and food packaging with your individual custom printing (in German)

B2B webshop for professional customer in Great Britain



Bionatic GmbH & Co. KG
Löwenhof 9
28217 Bremen | Germany

Phone +49 (0) 421 / 246 87 87 - 0
Fax +49 (0) 421 / 246 87 87 - 8

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